Engineering site services
ILM Services can offer a complete range of services within the construction industry for both commercial and private customers. We can design a structure from your dreams producing a set of drawings depicting your ideas or simply taking your drawings through to manufacture and installation on site.
Mobile welding
The experienced mobile site teams at ILM Services are capable of any size challenge from repairing a set of gates to completely refurbishing a tunnel shaft with several platforms and ladders over one hundred feet underground. Our fully equipped vans and adaptable engineers can solve any situation and challenge.
Gates & railings
ILM Services manufacture and install gates and railings to a very high standard. At residential locations we can design your ideas and produce a bespoke product that will fit and work to your requirements, we make your gates measured to fit your hole. On a commercial scale we can and have manufactured heavy duty gates and railing runs hundreds of meters long for new housing developments or schools, car parks and industrial sites.
Fire escapes & staircases
When a property requires a Fire Escape from an underground location ILM Services can manufacture a suitable hatch and staircase or ladder to fit any requirement. Our fire escape hatches are used on a full range of sites from high end underground studios, private cinemas, to a chocolate shop in west London. Any steel staircase solution can be designed or just manufactured from your drawings in our workshops, we can supply to your site or install your projects well.
Security bars & grills
To ILM Services security is always a worrying concern, which although we cannot solve society’s problems we can certainly make it harder for unwanted guests to make entry into your premises. We can design security measures including heavy duty steel doors security bars and grills to your requirements with any other idea that can be incorporated into your system for manufacture and installation.
Storage cages
Storage cages or gas cages can be designed manufactured and installed by ILM Services and our experienced team to your requirements and dimensions normally in a galvanised finish.
Structural steels
ILM Services is an experienced structural steel supplier servicing a large customer base of construction professionals and the odd individual just looking for one beam. We have been involved in many large steel constructions manufacturing component parts and connections to complete any sized structure. Whether you are building a small extension or a large building or warehouse we can help you design manufacture and install a full range of structural steels to your requirements.
Access and Cellar Hatches
As a steel manufacturing company ILM Services can offer a variety of single leaf access hatches or double leaf cellar hatches to the construction industry. The simple tried and tested design continues to work after many years with only basic maintenance required. Our hatch construction can be completely manufactured from steel or can have a concrete or concrete and glass infill. The hatches are generally fitted to shop fronts, utility installations such as transformer chambers or access to cellars at Public Houses and are generally made to measure for each individual location. All our steel hatches are made to a high specification including locks, gas struts and finished in hot dip galvanising.
Engineering site services
We offer onsite welding and engineering solutions 
Gates & Railings
We manufacture bespoke gates and railings to your design


Fire escapes and stair cases
Stair cases manufactured for inside and outside uses
Security bars and grills
Steel bars for windows and doors


Storage cages
Steel mesh cages for storing gas cylinders etc
Structural steels
Steel beams for builders

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